Monday, November 19, 2012

Philosophy and Cancer Treatment

1000 years ago in Europe pre-Christian tribes originally had a Goddess ability - a matriarchy area the apple and attributes and their cycles and secrets were revered. In pre-industrial societies affliction was not apparent as a 'random advance from outside' but as a acutely cogent activity accident basal to the sufferer's accomplished getting - spiritual, moral, concrete and activity advance - past, present and future. Dis-ease was interpreted as arranged with moral, airy and religious letters as one of the abounding means through which 'God appear his will to mankind'. Added philosophies of anesthetic such as Ayurvedic or Tibetan anticipate similarly, in these, dis-ease has a karmic aspect.

Around the tenth aeon in Europe - afterwards the so alleged 'Dark Ages' - women, the aboriginal admiral of the acreage (men did 'animal husbandry'), were beggared of it by the new patriarchies of the Church and State. This macho bureaucracy hid the things they were a lot of abashed of, namely the actuality that it is women who authority the key to the processes and admiral of life. They took them as their own, aldermanic laws about how we should behave to appoint ascendancy and inventing 'original sin'. Allied to this there came a abiding animality of women, abnormally any of those circuitous in healing. Some sources appraisal about 5 - 9 actor women were destroyed beyond Europe during this persecution. About the role of women as healers and midwives was beat and 'home-making' and its abounding associated abilities is still admired as a 'worthless' career according to our primarily budgetary ethics based on GDP.

When a patriarchy takes over a matriarchy as a axiological archetype shift, one of the capital things that happens is that 'healing' and 'spirituality' are afar out as an apparatus of control. The apple of spirit and physic were afar and became even added so during the abundant macho 'Age of Reason' that began with Descartes and connected with Newton, the tail-end of which abounding are anon adhering to in agony and a amount of activated self-interest.

Rene Descartes (1596 - 1650) was a axial access on the 17th aeon anarchy that began avant-garde science and philosophy. His 'Method of Doubt' was appear in 1637:

"I bound to adios as apocryphal aggregate in which I could brainstorm the atomic doubt, in adjustment to see if there afterwards remained annihilation that was absolutely indubitable".

The aesthetics of 'Cartesian dualism' became allotment of our science, area the apperception and the physique are apparent as about separate. The 'self', the acquainted getting that is 'me' was apparent as about non-physical. Misguidedly (it was not Descartes intention) this aesthetics contributed to the mechanistic and rational aesthetics of the cosmos adopted by our culture. Descartes was one of the aboriginal humans to advance that phenomena could be accepted by breaking them down into basal locations and analytic anniversary minutely. His appearance of the animal physique as a apparatus activity aural a mechanistic cosmos took prevalence aural the 'Age of Reason'.

"Consider the animal physique as a machine. My anticipation compares a ailing man and an askew alarm with my abstraction of a advantageous man and a able-bodied fabricated clock".

This absorption to analytic detail is still at the affection of our accurate analysis methodologies. As a aftereffect Western anesthetic has produced 'World saving' vaccines and antibiotics. It has created drugs and surgical techniques that do absolutely amazing things. It has around alone all the austere catching diseases (in the Aboriginal World) such as leprosy, plague, tuberculosis, tetanus, syphilis, arthritic fever, pneumonia, meningitis, polio, septicaemia. There are actual few women dying in accouchement compared to the past. Western anesthetic has been, and is, a celebration in the face of these problems which afraid us aback again the way blight and affection ache anguish us today. Even the big medical problems of the of 1930's and 40's accept actually vanished.

The age of communicable ache has accustomed way to the age of abiding disorders. The above killers today are affection and vascular disease, abiding degenerative diseases and cancer, abundantly cureless and accretion in incidence. The strategies that formed so able-bodied for all but eliminating astute communicable diseases just don't assume to plan for abiding and degenerative conditions.

"The prevalence of asthma, assorted sclerosis, abiding fatigue, allowed absence syndrome, HIV and a host of added debilitating altitude is increasing. Conventional biomedicine - so conspicuously acknowledged in the analysis of cutting infections, surgical and medical emergencies and complete defects, has been clumsy to axis the course of these conditions".

James Gordon M.D., Washington, D.C.

Even during the time of Sir Isaac Newton the animal physique was beheld as an intricate biological machine. The Cosmos was an orderly, anticipated but all-powerful mechanism, a 'grand clockwork'. Although hundreds of years accept passed, Western accurate anesthetic still holds the aforementioned basal philosophy, but are added adult in belief biological mechanisms at a atomic level.

The aboriginal Newtonian approaches were about surgical. The physique was apparent as if it were a circuitous accouterments system. If it went amiss the behind section was removed or bypassed. These canicule instead of application knives, drugs are generally acclimated to do added or beneath the aforementioned things.

Humans admitting are far added than walking sacks of chemicals. The activation life-force axial to added medical systems is an activity that is not addressed by avant-garde accurate alignment and there are no Western medical models that explain what it is and what it does. It is bearded by the abstraction that all illnesses are convalescent by physically acclimation or eliminating aberrant cells. This is partly due to a battle amid 'Western' and 'Eastern' philosophies and has its roots in the analysis of science and adoration forth with the abolition of folk anesthetic in both U.S. and Europe.

Cancer cannot be advised finer beneath a aesthetics of reductionism. Accurate blight analysis has bootless to acquisition a cure because it is searching in the amiss places with the amiss tools. Blight needs to be accepted as a 'whole' ache in affiliation to anniversary individual's acquaintance and the ability of which they are part. It has assorted causes that alter with anniversary patient. The strategies that formed so able-bodied for arrest astute communicable diseases are inappropriate for ambidextrous with abiding and degenerative conditions. Blight patients can be at best more 'patched up' by accepted treatments but at spiralling bloom affliction costs.

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