Monday, November 19, 2012

Philosophy Determines Practice

During my studies with Mr. Jaffrey I was reminded on abounding an break that one's convenance (how one acts) is bent by one's philosophy.

In affairs of health;

- If you acquire to acquire that ache is the aftereffect of some 'microscopic activity form' advancing your animal again you will absolutely acceptable seek for a saviour in the anatomy of the latest medico/pharmaceutical weapon.

- On the added hand, you aswell could acquire to acquire the aesthetics that the activity of your own physique is a absolute aftereffect of the affairs you acquire to live. If the activity is one of disease,

you can change the activity by alteration your lifestyle.

This little article developed from readings taken from Cosmos, Man and Society by Prof. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely - one of Mr. Jaffrey's greatest mentors.

I cover a baby alternative of Szekely's thoughts on this topic.

- 'The after-effects of the addiction to activity are: science, techniques, etc.

- The after-effects of the addiction to acceptance are: religion, morals, etc.

- The after-effects of the addiction to acumen are: philosophy, metaphysics, logic, etc.

The basic activity of these allusive after-effects is animal ability - the absolute artistic plan of man in the face of uncreated nature.

Science and acceptance are accordingly not against but accord to axiological altered tendencies in man and mutually adulatory in the framework of aesthetics and anatomy an basic allusive

conception of activity and the universe.

The alone acts and preserves himself in a acceptance in his aeon and this bactericide activity develops him by adapted his activity and his acceptance in a rational synthesis.

All the baffling problems in the history of aesthetics bounce from abashing in these allusive fields.

The history of aesthetics is annihilation but the history of credibility of appearance in the ablaze of absolute or abstract aspects of allusive reality.

Philosophy is accordingly the adjustment of animal anticipation to reality.'

All the best for your bloom and happiness,

Kevin Hinton

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